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EEOC Fails to Admit Settlement Breach Even After Agency Says A Breach Happened.

In the discrimination case of Kirk Webster v National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency' (NGA Case No. NGAE-10-S-17 and EEOC Case No. 570-2012-001009X) a settlement agreement was signed and later breached by the agency.

The agency admitted an "unintentional misinterpretation of the agreement exists, or at the very least, a mistake occurred during the construction of the contract." However, after Mr. Webster notified EEOC's Carlton Hadden, Director of the Office of Federal Operations, of the settlement breach, the EEOC later decided the NGA had not breached.

See 3-page letter dated August 13, 2013 from agency discussing the breach at link

Mr. Webster discusses the matter in the youtube video at link

Full video can be found at

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